The Human Hamster Wheel

Power to the people

If the daily grind included our Human Hamster Wheel, stress would be replaced with laughter and rush hour would become the best part of the day.

Jump off the treadmill of life and onto our Human Hamster Wheel* – the first of its kind in the world, using the power of four feet, two heartbeats and a three-metre wheel to hoist you up to the first platform on your Jungle Surfing Canopy Tour adventure.


In the jungle, you’ve got to be creative.

With no mainland electricity supply and a UNESCO World Heritage Site to preserve, when it comes to construction, out-of-the-box thinking is king.

Working like an oversized treadmill that winches surfers upwards, the interactive cable lift started life as a playful suggestion over coffee in our staff hut. Two years, $260,000, several more coffees, and the input of the country’s leading cableway engineers later, our outlandishly eccentric invention is here.

The nuts and bolts of it

As you walk, the circular motion of the wheel winds a cable onto a giant drum, hauling your fellow surfers treewards without the need for stairs or generators.

The result? Seriously eco-friendly alternative energy, with enough engineering genius (anti-rollback device, two independent braking systems and a two-directional operation inspired by funicular railways) to excite any budding Michelangelo.

If you can Jungle Surf, you can go for a spin on the hamster wheel. It’s easy, (almost) effortless and even three-year-olds can put pedal sneakers to the metal.

We can’t promise you a cube of cheese for your efforts. But we can deliver epic views of a Jurassic world perched on the shoreline of the Great Barrier Reef. And that’s almost as good 😉

*No hamsters were harmed in the building of our wheel. Nor were any trees.


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