Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours

If the only surfing you’ve done lately is on your smartphone, you need to get out!

You can’t smell the fresh, leafy top notes of the rainforest from behind a computer screen. You can’t hear the song of the wompoo fruit dove or the dog-like bark of the green tree frog from the pages of a book.

You have to immerse yourself in it.

Once you get high on the views and exhilaration that come from flying between our six rainforest canopy platforms on our fully guided zipline tour, you’ll be hooked.

Because nothing can compare to seeing the world’s oldest rainforest from this angle.  (And there’s nothing like being strung up 20 metres in the air to give you a new perspective on life!)

Our guides?  Are the Kelly Slaters of jungle surfing.  With a PhD in encouragement and Masters of rainforest ecology, they’ll hit you with more interesting facts than Wikipedia (and with way more panache).

It’s a jungle out there, alright.

But from up here, you can see only beauty – the tops of the trees, the freshwater streams, and out to the coral fringes of the Great Barrier Reef.

If all the world’s a stage then this is one of its most highly-revered acts.

And it’s available to all ages. All abilities. All day, every day.


Jungle Surfing Canopy Tour Info

  • Eight tours daily departing Cape Tribulation
  • Tours last two hours, with over one hour in the rainforest canopy
  • Maximum 13 jungle surfers per tour with three guides
  • Six eco-friendly tree platforms plus the Human Hamster Wheel
  • Interpretive talk on each platform
  • Tour fully guided – our expert guides control your speed and flight from every platform
  • All equipment provided – harness & helmet
  • Suitable for all ages from three to 103!
  • No experience necessary

The tour circuit


We operate eight tours daily every day except Christmas Day and New Year’s Day:

Morning: 7.45am, 8.45am, 9.45am, 10.45am

Afternoon: 12.30pm, 1.30pm, 2.30pm, 3.30pm

All Jungle Surfing tours depart from Jungle Adventure CentreLot 2 Cape Tribulation Road, Cape Tribulation, Queensland 4873

Jungle Adventure Centre is our visitor information centre in the heart of Cape Trib and offers tourist information, tour bookings, gifts, souvenirs and free parking. You will be required to complete our pre-tour paperwork here, so please aim to arrive 10 minutes prior to pick up time.

  • Long shorts or pants are most comfortable – skirts are not suitable.
  • Footwear should be firmly attached to your feet (eg enclosed shoes or sandals with ankle strap). If you only have thongs/slip on shoes we can lend you some Crocs or will tape your shoes to your feet!
  • Bring your camera – we will attach it to your harness for safety
  • Jungle Surfing is an all-weather activity and we love the rain! The tour will only be cancelled and refunded in extreme conditions such as cyclones or severe electrical storms.
  • If it’s raining you will get wet, so please bring a change of clothes for after the tour.

Our central pick up location in the heart of Cape Tribulation is the Jungle Adventure Centre, but we also offer courtesy transfers from accommodation around Cape Tribulation. Please note that guests staying at PK’s Jungle Village, Cape Trib Farmstay & Jungle Lodge should meet at Jungle Adventure Centre which is just a few minutes walk from your accommodation. All other pick ups are as follows:


7.45am Tour

7.35 am Cape Trib Beach House

7.45am Jungle Adventure Centre

7.50am Ferntree Rainforest Lodge

9.45am Tour

9.40am Cape Trib Beach House

9.45am Snake House

9.50am Ferntree Rainforest Lodge

1.30pm Tour

1.20pm Cape Trib Beach House

1.30pm Jungle Adventure Centre

1.35am Ferntree Rainforest Lodge

1.40pm Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm

1.40pm Rainforest Hideaway

3.30pm Tour

3.20pm Cape Trib Beach House

3.30pm Jungle Adventure Centre

3.35am Ferntree Rainforest Lodge

3.40pm Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm


8.45am Tour

8.40am Cape Trib Camping

8.45am Jungle Adventure Centre

8.50am Ferntree Rainforest Lodge

10.45am Tour

10.40am Cape Trib Camping

10.45am Jungle Adventure Centre

10.50am Ferntree Rainforest Lodge

10.55am Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm

10.55am Rainforest Hideaway

12.30pm Tour

12.25pm Cape Trib Camping

12.30pm Jungle Adventure Centre

12.35pm Ferntree Rainforest Lodge

2.30pm Tour

2.25pm Cape Trib Camping

2.30pm Jungle Adventure Centre

2.35pm Ferntree Rainforest Lodge

2.40pm Rainforest Hideaway

For details of day and overnight tour options with transfers from Cairns, Northern Beaches or Port Douglas, click here.

  • Jungle Surfing is the adventure activity for all ages from 3-103, so the whole family can enjoy the thrill of flying through the rainforest.
  • Our smallest child harnesses fit the average three year old upwards and the adult harness is suitable for persons up to 120kg (260lbs or approximately 19 stone).
  • Jungle Surfing is not recommended for pregnant women.
  • Jungle Surfing is a unique activity where the guides control your flight so no prior experience or specific fitness is required. There is a 250m walk to the first platform along a narrow forest trail, boardwalk and steps, and a short walk from the final platform to the harnessing centre.
  • If you have restricted mobility or are concerned about a specific medical condition, please contact us prior to the tour and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and make our best efforts to accommodate you.
  • Please note that children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult and all persons under 18 years must have our Medical Declaration & Waiver Release signed by a parent or guardian prior to the tour.

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