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Jungle Surfing takes you into the beating heart of the Daintree Rainforest on a guided tour through five platforms, six ziplines and the world’s first Human Hamster Wheel cable lift.

The platforms range from 7 to 16 metres above the ground and each one reveals a different level of the rainforest ecosystem with unique and spectacular views into the rainforest canopy, over the treetops, down to a bubbling creek and out to the Great Barrier Reef.

Our Jungle Surfing guides are with you every step of the way, offering interpretive talks on each platform, they also control your flight throughout the tour, so there’s no experience necessary, just a desire to have fun! The two-hour Jungle Surfing tours run in all weathers with at least one hour up in the rainforest canopy. The tours suit all ages from three to 103 and is a “must do” experiences for anyone visiting this beautiful area on the coast of North Queensland, Australia.

Jungle Surfing tours depart up to twelve times a day from Cape Tribulation or you can join our action-packed full day tour from Cairns, Northern Beaches and Port Douglas.


Are the master of encouragement, safety experts and pros at zipping from tree to tree.  With brains overflowing with interesting stories and some great ecology facts, they’ll make sure you have fun and change the way you see the rainforest forever.


Is an area blissfully disconnected from mainland supplies. We operate on renewable energy from solar panels and micro-hydro turbines, and offset our minimal carbon footprint with trees grown onsite and planted in Cape Tribulation.



Tours depart from the Jungle Adventure Centre daily at:

7.50am 9.50am 12.30pm 2.30pm
9.10am 11.10am 1.50pm 3.50pm

Check in at least 10 minute before tour departure. For a transfer from your Cape Trib hotel see timetable below:

Check-in for all Jungle Surfing tours is at the Jungle Adventure Centre (JAC), and we offer courtesy transfers to the JAC from accommodation around Cape Tribulation. Please note that there are specific departures for each resort and not every tour has a pick up at every resort, so please check the list below to pick the best departure for you.

Jungle Surfing Tour Cape Trib Beach House Cape Trib Camping Ferntree Rainforest Lodge
7.50am 7.30am  – 7.35am
8.30am (seasonal)  – 8.10am 8.15am
9.10am 8.50am  – 8.55am
9.50am  – 9.30am  –
10.30am (seasonal)  – 10.10am 10.15am
11.10am 10.50am  – 10.55am
1.10pm (seasonal)  – 12.50pm 12.55pm
1.50pm 1.30pm  –  –
2.30pm  – 2.10pm 2.15pm
3.10pm (seasonal) 2.50pm  – 2.55pm
3.50pm 3.30pm  – 3.35pm

NB. Guests staying at PK’s Jungle Village, Cape Trib Farmstay & Jungle Lodge should meet at Jungle Adventure Centre which is just a few minutes walk from your accommodation.

  • Jungle Surfing is the adventure activity for all ages from 3 -103, so the whole family can enjoy the thrill of flying through the rainforest.
  • Our smallest child harnesses fit the average three years old upwards and the adult harness is suitable for persons up to 120kg (260lbs or approximately 19 stone).
  • Jungle Surfing is not recommended for pregnant women.
  • Jungle Surfing is a unique activity where the guides control your flight so no prior experience or specific fitness is required. There is a 250m walk to the first platform along a narrow forest trail, boardwalk and steps, and a short walk from the final platform to the harnessing centre.
  • If you have restricted mobility or are concerned about a specific medical condition, please contact us prior to the tour and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and make our best efforts to accommodate you.
  • Please note that children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult and all persons under 18 years must have our Medical Declaration & Waiver Release signed by a parent or guardian prior to the tour.
  • Jungle Surfing is an all-weather activity and we love the rain! The tour will only be cancelled and refunded in extreme conditions such as cyclones or severe electrical storms.
  • If it’s raining you will get wet, so please bring a change of clothes for after the tour.






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