Daintree crocodile tours

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Daintree Village Daintree Rainforest & Wildlife Cruise

$ 29.70 AUD

One hour cruises depart regularly from both Daintree Village as well as from Daintree Gateway which is located 200 meters before Daintree River Ferry Crossing. This gives visitors the best opportunities to see wildlife and the diversity of this amazing eco system. From rainforest to mangroves the scenery is spectacular. The Upper Daintree section from Daintree Village is especially popular for bird watching and departures from near the Daintree River Ferry crossing offers spectacular views of Thornton Peak, rainforest and mangroves.

Why come on our crocodile cruises daintree?

The Daintree Rainforest is known for being one of Australia’s most biodiverse natural environments. The rainforest complex ecosystem, which makes up 180 million years of history, is home to an abundance of wildlife and a great way to experience the experience is by cruising along the Daintree River. One animal that has become a popular attraction at the Daintree Rain Forest is Estuarine Crocodile!

Best daintree river cruise

Want to see a giant Crocodile in its natural habitat? There’s no better way than a Daintree River Cruise. The Daintree is Queensland’s crocodile country, and tours take you up the river where they’ve lived for a million years.

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The number 1 Daintree Crocodile Tours!

Crocodile tours from Daintree are a great way to discover the Daintree river and rainforest. We offer a wide range of tours of Daintree crocodile tours.

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